Sun and Room Sensors

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Intelligent Sun Sensor that Tracks the Sun's Position in the Sky!

Provide More Daylight in the Winter, Morning and Late Afternoon,
and Less Daylight in the Summer and During Peak Sunlight Hours!




The Sun Sensor measures sun light intensity and estimates the sun position relative to the Glazing Panel array. From this data the system adjusts the angle of the Sola-Blades to maintain the desired amount of light selected by the user through the Wall Controller.The sensor is mounted on the outdoors side of a Glazing Panel array. It is communicated with and powered by a CAN Bus over a cat 5, RJ-45 cable from any of the panel cards. In any automatic sun tracking system only one Sun Sensor need be installed on any of the Glazing Panels.

An Intelligent Skylight - Like the Sunflower that Follows and Harvests the Sun

Intelligent glazing gauges the sun's position, then dynamically manages the desired sunlight transmission and shading inside the space.

A wall controller provides the user with manual or fully automated management of daylighting levels for optimal performance.

  • Economical sustainability for green construction
  • Uniform sunlight and shade distribution
  • Fosters a comfortable and productive environment
  • Allows for controlled daylighting design strategies and benefits¬†¬†
  • Energy savings
  • Glare control
  • Solar control
  • Light pollution control