SolaQuad Skylights

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Provide More Daylight in the Winter, Morning and Late Afternoon, 
and Less Daylight in the Summer and During Peak Sunlight Hours!

Intelligent skylight glazing systems are easy to control

Intelligent skylight glazing systems are easy to control
Lockheed Martin Space Center utilizes a custom skylight control system
This LEED Platinum school has an intelligent daylighting skylight solution
For any skylight panel system, SolaQuad panels create perfect daylighting
SolaBlade technology provides perfect control for custom skylight solutions
Dynamic skylight control solutions keep light out at peak daytime hours
Shading and sunlight can be optimized with a dynamic daylighting system
The designs for intelligent skylight panels allow for perfect lighting

Intelligent skylight glazing systems are easy to control

We provide comprehensive skylight solutions:

  • Controlled daylighting design
  • Glazing panels with built-in SolaBlades
  • The complete aluminum structure
  • Daylighting control system


A user-friendly daylighting wall controller is the interface between the user and the  daylighting glazing system, allowing for easy operation.

The  Daylighting Wall Controller  consists of an LCD screen and a keypad of control buttons. It can be set to operate in either a Manual or Automatic mode.

An Intelligent Skylight - Like the Sunflower that Follows and Harvests the Sun

Intelligent glazing gauges the sun's position, then dynamically manages the desired sunlight transmission and shading inside the space.

A wall controller provides the user with manual or fully automated management of daylighting levels for optimal performance.

  • Economical sustainability for green construction
  • Uniform sunlight and shade distribution
  • Fosters a comfortable and productive environment
  • Allows for controlled daylighting design strategies and benefits  
  • Energy savings
  • Daylighting controls
  • Glare control
  • Solar control
  • Light pollution controls