IntelaGlas Skylights

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Provide More Daylight in the Winter, Morning or Late Afternoon,
and Less Daylight in the Summer and During Peak Sunlight Hours!

SolaQuad custom glass panel technology
Protected by US patents 7281353, 8056289, 8,205,385, 8,205,386 and other patents pending

SolaQuad custom glass panel technology
IntelaGlas custom skylight solutions can fully darken or brighten a room
 Intelligent skylight glazing systems are easy to control
SolaBlade panels are easy to manipulate for any daylighting solution
SolaBlade sun tracking daylighting systems angle sunlight for any shading

SolaQuad custom glass panel technology

  • Independent exterior glass layer over a SolaQuad® panel system
  • The IntelaGlas system will accommodate single tempered glass, insulated glass or solid polycarbonate on the exterior skin
  • Two layers of translucent panels under glass provide added insulation and superior light diffusion
  • The system offers superior U-Values and enhanced sound reduction performance
  • The modular SolaQuad® system is designed for ease of installation, serviceability and longevity
  • Matte finish is available for enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Soft, diffused natural daylight enters the space without glare or hot spots

Intelligent glazing gauges the sun's position, then dynamically manages the desired sunlight transmission and shading inside the space.

A wall controller provides the user with manual or fully automated management of daylighting levels for optimal performance.

  • Economical sustainability for green construction
  • Uniform sunlight and shade distribution
  • Fosters a comfortable and productive environment
  • Allows for controlled daylighting design strategies and benefits  
  • Energy savings
  • Daylighting controls
  • Glare control
  • Solar control
  • Light pollution controls