The SolaBlades technology

SolaBlade®—The Heart of the System

Intelligent SolaBlades® within the glazing panels gauge the sun’s position in the sky, and then dynamically manage the desired sunlight, solar heat, and sunshading inside the space.


The SolaBlades® can be set to deliver direct or diffused sunlight. By angling the sunlight that penetrates the space, the SolaBlades® make use of the physical fact that light hitting at an angle delivers less energy per square foot than direct sunlight. A sun-tracking sensor also allows alignment of the SolaBlades® to an optimal position in relation to the sun’s position in the sky, to harvest daylight that would otherwise be lost due to the low incident angle of the sun early and late in the day.


  • SolaBlades® rotate 360 degrees
  • SolaBlades® can extend up of up to 40’ long in banks of up to 1000 ft., eliminating interrupting horizontal purlins and extra mechanical complications and wiring connections
  • Free floating SolaBlade® allows for uninterrupted expansion, contraction and movement as needed
  • No constraints associated with mechanical synchronizations, alignments, out of square issues, sensors, cables, actuators, etc.
  • The controlling shaft provides a single point of control for automated or manual control of a large glazed area, allowing uniform diffused light or shade into the space
  • No special maintenance required


SolaBlades® can be mounted into various glazing materials and panels creating an advanced dynamic daylighting system that intelligently adjusts shading and sunlight transmission.


The SolaBlades® are built in between a 4'' panelized Quadwall polycarbonate glazing system.



The SolaBlades® are build in to 30mm translucent polycarbonate glazing panels.



Independent exterior glass over the SolaQuad panel


The SolaBlades® are built in below a glass skylight system.

Unit Skylights

The SolaBlades® are built in below the skylight unit.


  • Ingenuity in simplicity!
  • No extraordinary maintenance required
  • Requires only small rotational steps to control a wide range of light and shade
  • Typical movement is only 3‐8 minutes per day, or 350‐950 hours over 20 years!
  • Modular design allows easy access
  • Very low voltage (28vdc) design
  • State‐of‐the art SolaBlade technology eliminates possible malfunctions associated with traditional shading systems that rely on mechanical synchronization, alignments, cables and actuators
  • Successful cyclic testing of the system completed—exceeds a 30 year life cycle
  • Intelligent Daylighting systems can always convert to perform as a traditional fixed skylight
  • Backed by manufacturer warranty that meets or exceeds current passive daylighting warranties