SolaBlades Vs. Alternate Systems


SolaBlade® Systems

Alternative Systems

Comfort – Light Adjustment Levels

Gradual adjustments with uniform daylight and shade distribution across the space. 


Predetermined fixed light levels -  typical addon shadings cannot provide gradual and uniform shading across the space.

Tinting & Shading Colors

SolaBlades® have a white opaque face provides neutral ceiling reflection into the interior space.

Systems that rely on dark tints for managing daylight transmission may create a dark ceiling reflection that produces an unpleasant, depressing environment.

Glare Control

Incorporates a matte glazing surface under the solar blades to eliminate glare and maximize pleasant diffusion of natural daylight into the space.

No effective glare control, specifically for the unshaded areas.

Dynamic Control

Dynamic continuous daylight adjustment for a range of 2% to 70% based on the sun position in the sky.

Control is limited to open/closed, or in predetermined measures. No correlation to the sun’s position in the sky.


SolaBlade® technology eliminates possible malfunctions associated with traditional shading systems.

Systems that rely on mechanical synchronization, cables, alignments and actuators are prone to malfunctions.

Electrochromic glasses are prone to fatigue.