Overview of Controlled Daylighting System

We provide a complete controlled daylighting system including glazing panels, structure, and control system.

Our daylighting controller is specifically designed for controlled daylighting applications.





The user‐friendly Daylighting Wall Controller is the interface between the user and the dynamic controlled daylighting system, allowing for easy operation. It consists of an LCD screen and a keypad of controll buttons. It can be set to operate in either a Manual or Automatic mode. In the Automatic mode the user defines desired room lighting (level). Once set in the Automatic mode, the IntelaSun® logic keeps the settings based on the Sun and Room Sensors. In the Manual mode the user directly sets the SolaBlade® angles and daylighting level.

  • Quick Dim button will darken the room in 45 seconds or less
  • Single Zone or multi‐zone controls via single wall controller
  • Lock‐keys
  • Can be integrated with building controls
  • Can be controlled by 0‐10Vdc input
  • PC diagnostics –local or remote over the internet
  • Up to 4 Zones and 4 Branches can be controlled by a single controller.
  • The wall controller communicates with the Glazing Panels and is powered by a CAN Bus via a CAT 5 cable with an RJ45 connector.



  • IntelaSun®—Controlled Daylighting system senses whether people are in the space below
  • If the IntelaSun® system senses that the space is not occupied, it will then minimize sunlight penetration into the space—reducing solar heat load and providing significant savings on cooling costs of unoccupied spaces
  • IntelaSun® will resume automatic sun‐tracking control to deliver daylighting when the space is occupied