Controlled Daylighting - Design Strategies

What extra design strategies do  IntelaSun® Systems use so that they can provide preferred levels of BOTH light transmission and solar heat?


  • Size Optimization & Shade
    • IntelaSun technology lets occupants adjust the size of the skylight to meet their daylighting needs at all hours of the day. A large glazing area is greatly beneficial for harvesting daylightng in the morning and evening hours. During peak sunlight hours, the glazing system can be scaled down to provide optimal daylighting by simply closing the SolaBlades in a portion of the system.


  • Sun’s Position in the Sky
    • Innovative sun sensor gauges the sun’s position in relation to the skylight, allowing delivery of the exact preferred daylighting mix—no more, no less.


  • Angling the Sunlight
    • Design strategy allows setting the IntelaSun® SolaBlade® to deliver direct or diffused sunlight.
    • By angling the sunlight that penetrates the space, the solar blades make use of the physical fact that light hitting at an angle delivers less energy per square foot than direct sunlight.


  • LowAngle Sunlight Harvesting:
    • Controlled Daylighting sun‐tracking sensor also allows optimal position alignment of the SolaBlade®.
    • Harvests daylight that would otherwise be lost due to the low incident angle of the sun early and late in the day.


  • Diffused Daylighting
    • Can deliver direct or diffused daylighting with effective glare control.