About IntelaSun LLC


IntelaSun LLC pioneered the use of controlled daylighting translucent panel systems for architectural use and has continued to drive daylighting innovation with the development of specialized architectural products.

IntelaSun LLC is the inventor and developer of the patented SolaBlade® shading system, an intelligent daylighting system that has revolutionized the daylighting industry. This dynamic system is able to monitor and regulate the amount of natural light that enters a space through the use of an electronic control system, also a product of IntelaSun LLC, which can be operated either manually or on a fully automated setting.

The electromechanical SolaBlade® system was also designed and manufactured so that it could be incorporated into other various glazing systems, such as acrylic unit skylights, sunscreens and more. The product's versatility has lead IntelaSun LLC to become a provider of intelligent daylighting solution and components to O.E.Ms in various markets including daylighting and sun shading manufacturers.

IntelaSun LLC is also in association with CPI Daylighting - the strategic partner and O.E.M for the architectural Daylighting market in the USA.

* Products are designed and manufactured in the USA
IntelaSun LLC holds several US patents and patents pending including US patents 7,281,353,
8,205,386, 8,245,444 and 8,205,385